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Yet Another Rained In Tuesday 8/8/23

"Here comes the rain again, Falling on my head like a memory, falling on my head like a new emotion." Boy, the Eurythmics understood the introspection of the rainy day.

Even when planned months in advance, it seems like my schedule has me stuck inside, ramming, or otherwise off the homestead on sunny days. Not saying at all that I am the best steward of my time on those sunny days when I am home, But Man oh man.

Florida has the weather down. When I lived there with my father we had a lawn care business on Indian Lake Estates, and like clockwork at 3 pm you would see a wall of water headed your way with the rain clouds. You would have time to finish up the lawn you were on, load everything up, and get in the truck before the deluge struck.

Nowadays I find that if I can get outside and busy by 7:30 am, Before I know it it's 2 pm and time to get something to eat. Truth be told, I am pretty much done after that.

Yesterday I spent some time with Mom, We watched some old movies, The 1936 version of "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" With Debbie Renolds, and "Flying Leathernecks" with The Duke.

I recommend both. However, it is not lost on me how beautiful the weather was outside. ALL. DAY. LONG.

I have had my eye on a zucchini and several yellow squash that need to be harvested and am keenly aware that my green beans and blackberries are probably ready to be gone through again.

Oh well, Probably not going to happen today.

On the way home from Mom's I stopped in at the Amish fellow's up the road to enquire on my sheds and was pleased to find 3 walls standing and Alvin, one of his sons, and the prettiest little barefoot young lady (1yo?) working diligently on my first 12x20 ft shed.

I am very pleased with the size, I will have room to do my Chickens, Meat Chickens, or Turkeys and rabbits all in the one shed! with room for feed barrels and bedding.


I know I had to compromise and go to the smaller sheds rather than a pole barn, But I think everything will work out fine. And these are 2x4 construction too, unlike the 2x2 construction of the sheds you will find in the parking lots of big box stores.

Alvin asked if I could bring my tractor down to pull the shed out of his shop Thursday evening and I of course said yes.

Number one that will allow them to start my second shed, and Second It is always a good idea to be a good neighbor to anyone who won't notice when our society crumbles. You can learn a lot from Amish folk, After all, they have been 'off-grid' for generations before it was cool. They should have some tricks up their sleeves to make life easier.

I can hear my full-to-bursting Rainwater catchment siphoning water from the filter to the first tank, from the first to the second and third. I figure I will let it run as it refreshes the water and pushes the surplus right out the tops of the totes.

For those who may be interested in my fruit fly infestation, My Apple cider vinegar video was released Monday(LINK AT BOTTOM OF PAGE )and I will post a picture here of my homemade traps that are now home to a few hundred dead fruit flies.

Last night we were under both tornado warnings and watches, but I see no evidence of one on the homestead. I pray everyone in the area can say the same.

Remember I release a video on my YouTube Channel at 3:15 pm every Monday and Friday as well as go live on Thursday at 6 pm (all Eastern times). Tuesday is blog day.

Well, I am going to go hunt down a bunch of Gopher wood and start building me an ARK. It won't be as big as Noah's, but then it only has to hold 17 chickens, 3 pigs, 2 cats, and one fat guy!

Y'all have a great day, and God Bless!

Apple Cider Vinegar Video

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