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What a great week! 10/3/23

I have been working on wood for the past couple of weeks and I have to say I need the exorcize!

I have been struggling with myself on whether or not to record myself doing wood, as it is such a mundane common chore for me. But every once in a while something of note happens whether you have the camera rolling or not.

Take for instance this beauty in the picture to the right. I was almost halfway through the block when I began seeing sparks and the saw went dull. I mean DULL! It would barely leave a mark on the bark of the log.

I was able to restore the chain to a state that resembled sharp after two sharpenings, but I moved on from that block.

Later Trevor brought pig feed up and after much chopping. (this was a particularly twisted block and the wood had grown around both the nails we found) he was victorious in removing both nails. Two 16-penny nails with the heads buried about five or six inches inside the block of wood.

I have no idea how many years these were placed there or what they held, but my saw erased almost an inch of one before succumbing to it. Not good.

I left the homestead last week to help my friend Matt deliver his daughter's baby shower gifts to her in Washington DC. It was a weekend of many firsts for me.

I had never been to Washington and had never ridden in an Uber before. ( Didn't they used to be called Taxis?) But they were quite efficient.

Matt's Daughter Kayla I have known for many years, I am not sure how many, Her husband Tom is stationed at the post there after his tour in Afghanistan. He was among the security protecting the Airport when we yanked all of our military home.

Hilarity ensued the first night when we went to a buffet Matt found online close by the apartment. Walking up to the door, I saw the Arabic writing and the word "Halal" which I recognized from somewhere. Mr. Google told me it was Arabic for Lawful or permitted, This being for the dietary restrictions of Muslims.

Think Kings Buffet but Middle Eastern. The chairs were very nice, and the place was all but empty. The food, however....

I do not want to culture bash, but what looked like meatballs in white sauce tasted like it was cooked by leaving the meat in the sun for two weeks, bringing it in, and covering it with rotten milk.

Me being me Tried several of the dishes that looked good and most tasted the same. The stuffed grape leaves were fully fermented and not in a good way. Note to self, If you go to any restaurant playing Al-Jazeera on TV. LEAVE.

Through the course of the meal, we decided this place was an Al-Qaeda front HQ to spy on the US. Seems legit, cause the food was all but inedible. I think Matt knew this but wanted to send the two Middle Eastern war vets into flashbacks! LOL

During the conversation, I used my goto war joke with the only Farsey I knew. Kiff, Ilke shlahaak, Ear E fah A E Dak. Tom asked what it meant and I told him stop, lay down your weapons, and put your hands on your head, it was usually followed by a loud bang. We were laughing and Matt pointed out someone was sitting behind us in this almost completely empty restaurant. HMMMM.?!

All in all that meal was some of the most fun I have had in years! Food notwithstanding. Thinking of it now I had my Desert Storm Veteran hat on. No wonder they stared when we walked in!

The next day Matt and I toured the Museum of Natural History, and the mall, as well as the White House and Arlington. We didn't go in the Whitehouse as I heard the Powder rooms are big enough to get lost in! LOL

Ok, My friends, I am going to go hang my laundry out to dry on the line! Then top off my woodshed with the wood I cut yesterday. Check out the video of my trip here, there will be more footage out this week for members only so keep an eye out! You can become a member by clicking the join button under any of my videos for $0.99 or $1,99 if your Credit card won't do under a dollar.

Alright y'all, Have a wonderful Day, and God Bless!

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