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Why Should I Subscribe? 2/21/23

This is a really good question. What benefits are there for subscribing to a Blog or YouTube Channel?

On the blog side my basic subscription costs literally nothing. Zilch, Nada the same with subscribing on YouTube. But some cool things happen when people subscribe to even those free plans.

First, you get to read or view my free content. In my humble opinion, this would be the reader's biggest perk, But then there is some magic that happens on my side of the screen.

Advertisers, analysts, and other companies look at those statistics and can decide whether or not to work with, support, sponsor, or promote my website. When that happens, My merch, which consists of over fifty-six products, thirty books, and yes many, many affiliate links gets shown to more people. More people seeing is more people buying which is more money for me to reinvest in my products and services.

More money to re-invest leads to more cool experiences which directly leads to cooler blogs and videos which equals a better reading and viewing experience for the subscriber.

Right now Making blogs and videos can be done relatively cheaply, but there are some services that cost me money. The Website is a monthly expense along with Canva that I use to make so many of the pictures and video thumbnails that I use to generate more views and reads.

Though I could use the free version of Stream Yard, a live streaming host that I use to go live on YouTube every Thursday for the Homestead Centric Show, I have chosen a discounted paid version which allows me to give a more professional, talk show type feel and a better quality experience to the viewer.

A better viewing experience equals more viewers. It really is that simple. More viewers mean more exposure for my various products which means more money to pay for better tools with which to begin the cycle anew with a better viewing experience.

With the paid Subscriptions to the blog, and eventually memberships to Youtube once I am accepted into the YouTube Partner Program, I will be able to improve my equipment and thus the viewing experience even further.

The cool thing is all of this is set up to help me in my real goal which is to live a more self-sufficient, sustainable, and healthy lifestyle.

Sharing that process and growth with the readers and viewers is a privilege I do not take lightly. The fact that currently over eight hundred people are subscribed to my Youtube Channel, and the blog membership is growing faster than I could have dreamed blows my mind.

I look at Mr. Beast. Who gives away thousands of dollars in many of his videos and I say "I want to do that!"

Not that I am deluded in any way that I will ever see Mr. Beast's cash flow level. But I cannot wait to be able to bless people with giveaways of seeds, tools, Pantry poundings, and more.

Remember pantry poundings. Some of the old-school churches I have been involved in would actively seek out those in hard times, or in need and literally pound them with food! ( fill their pantries with food!) That feeling is addictive!

So far I have been blessed with a retirement income that allows me to squeeze through some giveaways here and there, But could you imagine being blessed enough to be able to gift an aging homesteader with the tools that will mean the difference between continuing his beloved lifestyle or having to give it up?

I really think about this stuff. Off Grid with Doug and Stacey ( ) were just able to give their old truck which was in good condition to a viewer who turns out really needed it! What a wonderful thing to do! And even though it wasn't a brand new off-the-lot truck, The joy it gave the young lady who won it was over the top!

When you purchase a blog subscription, that is even more direct funding than buying merch and books. That is money that at this time is earmarked to pay for my Website. I recently introduced the Handsteader level of subscription for $.99 cents a month. This will allow you access to the Handsteader members-only group on FaceBook, where I plan on posting extra content, as well as give you access to weekly blog posts instead of the one or two free posts a month.

I recently found out that some Credit cards have denied paying the .99 Cents siting that it is too small an amount. I am so sorry for this and the only road I have thought out to get access to the people in this situation is creating a $1.99 Handsteader ++ Membership. I will need help coming up with suggestions to enrich the experience for that plan, so feel free to comment on these blogs.

All of these reasons are legitimate and great reasons for anyone to subscribe. But the only real reason I could think of for anyone to do so is so simple it hurts.

Subscribe because you enjoy the content. Subscribe because you find value in this crazy life that I am trying to share so people will be cushioned from the hard times that ARE coming and many (including me) would say are already here. Subscribe because you are entertained by this middle-aged fool who bungles his way through homesteading learning by accident.

At any rate, Subscribe because you want to. If not that's ok. We'll miss you, but even the free subscription takes time and your time is valuable. I understand completely, no worries.

But keep an eye on this blog, keep an eye on the Youtube channel. We are growing, and we are praying to the God of All things that we gain the position to significantly help those who need it. Whether it is from sharing knowledge, giving away merch, encouraging them with kindness, or eventually delivering a tractor to the broke farmer who needs it.

Somehow, Some way, someone is in for a pounding!! please read the above pounding story.

Y'all have a great day, and God Bless!

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