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#whatdoes100buy Collaboration 4/11/23

As the weather is beginning to warm up and all that is left of the snow are the piles so so ardently constructed with the tractor this winter, I find myself moving outside.

This Morning I took my first spring walk down the road to the snow plow turn around on the far side of the seasonal road and back. How beautiful! The birds were singing, and no mosquitos or deer flies are out yet, which made for a wonderful walk.

Yesterday I released the video of my #whatdoes100buy youtube collaboration and was really kind of shocked. It has been a long while since I limited the amount of money I spent on groceries in one haul. Usually, I just get what I need for the month, and hope it doesn't bust the grocery budget.

I thought that since I went from feeding two people down to one I would be able to reduce my food allowance in half, but have found no joy. It seems that with the economy in the state it is in I have used the full amount on several occasions.

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