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Try That In A Small Town. 7/25/23

I try to write my weekly blog posts before Tuesday mornings, but lately, it hasn't worked out that way. As I look out the window right now everything is wet from the thundershowers last night which is a good thing we need the rain.

After taking my sister Tammy who was up visiting my mom from Florida to the airport yesterday, I had just enough time to put two bucket loads of wood chips on the area of the garden I weeded a few days ago before it began to rain

With the weeds in the next part of the garden planned for weeding being so tall, if I tried to weed them this morning I would be soaked through in no time. So it has been easy to talk myself out of working on it today.

My mind is reeling with thoughts on this whole Jason Aldean song "Try That In A Small Town"

With all the controversy you would think the song had just been released, yet it was several months ago that it hit the airwaves. But when CMT chose to censor it due to racism and hateful intent it became a big deal.

Mind you, Race is mentioned nowhere in the song, and most of the video footage is straight from the news. Yet in their great wiser than you minds, the executives of Country Music Television refuse to show it.

The song is true to the title. Try that in a small town. Punch an old lady walking down the sidewalk in a small town and you shouldn't get far before someone subdues you and holds you for the police. AT LEAST.

If I see you pulling that crap, I WILL intervene, and I would hope I am not the only one who feels this way.

Become belligerent with a law enforcement officer, I will stand by and offer him my assistance if he needs it. These men and women don't patrol our neighborhoods because they are all idiots looking to jam you up. They are enforcing the laws, and most of them want to keep our streets safe. Outnumbered, outgunned, and never knowing when they will approach a car window on a traffic stop and have some cracked-out junkie try to kill them.

Much respect to those law enforcement officers such as Sheriff Mike Carpanelli who take their oath to the Constitution seriously and try hard to protect our freedoms.

When did it become hateful to protect your town from rioting? When a group gathers to stop another group from vandalizing burning and destroying the first group's town, the place where they live and their children play, That IS NOT a lynch mob.

When did the act of defending ourselves, our friends, and our villages become wrong?

"That is why we have police, Tracy." You may say.

I say B.S. Do you really think that law enforcement dealing with a domestic disturbance on a weekend evening in Dianna can respond to a violent destructive gathering in Port Leyden? Before much damage to persons or property is in the thousands of dollars? or life is lost or changed forever?

I won't go into specifics, but Lewis County NY does not have the budget to have adequate patrolling in the entire county. We have a few Sheriff patrols backed up by a couple of NYS Trooper cruisers. God forbid they are all needed on the far side of the county when one of the meth heads who have moved in decides they want your TV in the middle of the night.

The Founding Fathers knew this. When they wrote the Declaration of Independence they wrote. "....Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, AND THAT TO PRESERVE THESE RIGHTS, governments are instituted among men..."

They knew that the government could not protect everyone all the time. They knew law enforcement would not be able to keep you safe 24/7. But by preserving YOUR freedom, they could ensure that YOU were free to Protect YOURSELF.

Picture this. 1734. A group of Indians attack a small town of say five hundred eighty-one people (Port Leyden's Population in 2021). It is just after dark, hooting and hollering are heard as the Indians gather just off the main street, lighting torches and working themselves into a frenzy.

As they gather numbers they become confident in the anonymity the crowd provides. They begin their walk down the street breaking windows, clubbing horses, and setting fire to hay bails beside the hitching posts.

The English soldiers are quick to respond, and form up in a line in front of whatever building their commanders think should be protected above all else. Their headquarters.

The Indians are indignant, smashing and destroying as much as they can as this show of force slows their advance. But the Red Coats just stand there. Ordered not to act as long as English property was not touched.

The town constable sends his son to the church to ring the bell and warn everyone of the danger to their community.

As the bell rings The people of the town awake, arm themselves, and assemble in the field just outside of town. Some report what is happening. Mr. Johnson's store has been looted, and the Feed and Seed is on fire. It will take years to repair the damage. being done.

The town constable assembles the citizens and they begin to walk onto Mainstreet where the Indians are getting close enough to attack the British soldiers. They sweep in between the defenseless by order soldiers and begin to fight back against the invading crowd.

Using only equal or slightly excessive force they begin to push the invaders back. taking key agitators prisoner for the law to deal with when it can.

Guns may fire in defense of life but by midnight the lawless dissidents are expelled and order is restored.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Well Regulated Militia of the 2nd Amendment. This may have actually happened or similar events anyway throughout the Colonies.

Now replace Indians with rioters/looters, replace the red coats with the police crying as they watch their community destroyed but are unable to act due to political agendas.

People This is a very large reason for our representatives to want to take our weapons and make us sheep! We have replaced our spines and sense of CIVIC DUTY with 911.

I am not advocating taking the law into your own hands unless it is absolutely necessary, and even then use great discretion. Many in our society who literally acted to save their lives in imminent danger have lost EVERYTHING for using the God-given right of self-defense. Call 911 if at all possible.

There are many local law enforcement that would not hesitate to act, But there are many who are swayed by political ideologies that would withhold help from you.

Why were the riots not stopped in the cities out west? Simply because they served a political purpose to someone who cares more for power and making someone in office look bad than your livelihood, home, and safety put together.

I was part of an impromptu "militia" of sorts during the BLM Riots there was a march in Lowville NY. We had many of us stationed throughout the route of the march in case of unlawful acts.

We Would not intervene unless LIFE was threatened but would call law enforcement and report anything destructive or unlawful. I praise God we weren't needed that day. The protesters were very behaved and exorcised their constitutional right to assembly and protest.

They didn't even know we were there. We protected our County Capitol that day. Without incident. When police presence (they were there, but out of sight) may have inflamed emotions and led to trouble.

We knew that people from the cities were using these local events to riot, loot and steal. Thank you to those who organized the event for doing it right. Thank you to those Patriots on watch for doing it right. The constitution was honored that day as marchers, and concerned citizens both exercised their rights under the Constitution.

It is not vigilante to protect your neighbors. It is not vigilante to actively resist a criminal in the process of committing a crime. It is DUTY. CIVIC DUTY.

I know I am not alone in my beliefs on this. I have the Founding Fathers in my court, but God willing I will never have to see or use violence again in my lifetime.

In a World of Sheep and Wolves. Be the Sheep Dog.

Have a great day, and God bless.

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"If I see you pulling that crap, I WILL intervene, and I would hope I am not the only one who feels this way." Same here. I raised the kiddos to do the same. Family motto is basically "Do for those that can't" and this includes self defense and beyond. Been this way for 1700+ years since that motto became a thing.

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