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Tractor Down! I Broke My Branson 2515H! 3/28/23

Well, I knew it was only a matter of time before it happened. When you work with a piece of equipment eventually something on it will fail, Anf for me, the last time I plowed I lost the ability to shift from first, second, and third gear.

I called the Dealer Burrville Equipment and asked if it was an easy fix that I could do assuming it was a common problem. They called back shortly having talked to the Mechanic and said sure, Just go through the rubber st the base of the shifting lever and there would be a bolt there. It may have fallen out, or sheared off, But if I needed any help to call back,

I think somewhere in the line of communication, Wires got crossed as to the model of the tractor I have. This was not the case with the 2515H.

So after dropping my mom off at home from her appointment in Lowville, I saw Trevor's truck in his driveway. Pay dirt!

Those of you who know or have heard me speak of my younger brother may know that he loves a challenge. Especially when it comes to machines of the non-computer kind. So once I explained what was going on he said he would be up shortly to take a look.

I went home and changed my clothes and prepared the Branson for minor surgery.

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