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Sometimes You Lose? 6/13/23

When you work with chickens it isn't long before you realize they aren't the brightest crayons in the box. After all, they have a brain the size of a pistachio and peck at their own poop. It is very safe to say that we won't be suffering through a chicken uprising anytime soon.

They can be comical to watch, and very entertaining to interact with. I wouldn't change my decision to keep a flock of chickens for anything. After all, They are fairly easy to take care of, and you get eggs. Except when you don't.

I have long desired to raise a perpetual flock, one that grows on its own hatching its own eggs to make more egg-laying or fertilizing marvels of production. To accomplish this I have allowed my chickens to age, and selected Buff Orpingtons for the main breed on the homestead.

In theory, the older these friendly golden brown feathered delights get the more tendency they have to go broody.

Broody is a state of chicken being where the hen's eyes glaze over as if in a trance, she will stop laying eggs, and just sits on a clutch of eggs for twenty-eight to twenty-nine days. Getting off the clutch only to defecate, and maybe get some water and food for a few minutes every few days.

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