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Planning for Success 3/21/23

If you are familiar with me or my YouTube Channel at all you know I don't always finish well. Many of my walls in the cabin are still covered in the chic but ever-stylish R-19 Wallpaper. My Harvests in the last few years from my gardening efforts have been light due to late summer apathy. My novel has been lacking the last 75-100 pages for 2 years and so on.

This year I am trying to remedy some of that, Garden wise anyway by joining a community of gardeners, foragers, hunters and fishermen, and women that comprise the Global Gardening and Homesteading Community. This community was formerly known on YouTube as Shed Wars, but Robert and John (The instigators of the contest [yes instigators is the right word]) felt that Shed Wars did not relate the true nature of their creation.

These men sought to spread knowledge of self-sufficiency, and the lifestyles that surround it across the many spectrums of the world. and have succeeded quite well I think. With over 70 Participants from countries all over the world.

The concept and practice are simple. Weigh everything you grow, forage, hunt, fish, or harvest for your personal use and your total weight will be added to your team's total weight at the end of October 2023. You cannot count anything you buy, You may not dumpster dive or salvage. You must use only that which you obtain from your own efforts.

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