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Over My Head! 8/1/23

It is not very often when I feel like I am over my head. Problems arise on the homestead all the time. There seems to be a never-ending list of projects that have to be done with an ever-dwindling amount of cash to do them with.

Unlike most of my homesteading friends, I am not crammed for time, for the most part, I have a pension that I depend on every month that affords me The luxury of knowing my bills are paid. Even if there isn't much left over at the end of the month.

This allows me time. And unfortunately, I am not at all joking when I tell you I consistently misuse my time with naps, TV, and looking out the window thinking about what I should have done with the day that is now over.

Recently I spent more money on something I don't really need to watch shows I shouldn't have the time to binge. I began watching "Homestead Rescue" with the Raneys, Matt, Misty, and their dad Marty.

There are some of these shows that depict homesteaders who are in way, way over their heads.

Some of it is honestly a lack of knowledge. That seems to me the most common ailment that the Raneys fix. Some of it is a total lack of foresight. Such as buying a property without proper research as to the many factors that can cause a homestead to fail. And some of it is an unwillingness to be flexible and roll with the punches that are headed for your jaw on any homestead. And some of it is a lack of funds.

Lack of knowledge. This is something that EVERY homesteader encounters multiple times over the course of any given week. Ask My youtube friends! Seldom does a week go by when Tracy isn't asking them something about something. Especially gardening!

However, we live in the information age! We have computers more powerful than those that put men on the moon in our pockets!

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