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Off-Grid And On YouTube 4/18/23

My friend John Vanlieu came for a short visit the other day all the way from the Dakotas. He actually helped me quite a bit while he was here. We re-wired the electric fence for the piglets, ( ) and installed this summers rainwater catchment system Which video will be released shortly as well as several other things that needed to be done on the homestead.

I was enthralled with his videos on his YouTube Channel, Which he says he doesn't want to be famous for, but between his arborist company, and his job as an H-Vac tech as well as the different topography (the noticeable lack of trees, and flatness stands out in my mind) It was very interesting.

As we talked he brought up a point that I have pondered myself more than a few times. The fact that there are many, many off-grid homesteaders, and enthusiasts on YouTube is an enigma as it requires electricity.

Myself being included as an Off-grid homesteader, with many if not all of the modern-day conveniences of life; Running water, electric lights, indoor plumbing, and so on I find it comes up in people's minds as we talk often.

"If you're off-grid how do you have internet?" is the question I often hear.

That's a simple one. I am fortunate enough to live within range of a cell tower and purchased a USB WIFI Stick from the towers provider which provides me with internet through the laptop's Mobile Hotspot.

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