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Homestead Life Isn't Always On The Homestead 5/23/23

Wow! What a month May has been on the homestead. To be honest it feels like I haven't been on the homestead much at all this month.

May started with the exciting adventure to Ontario Canada for the Eastern Ontario Homesteading Conference where I was gone for three days. I had just begun 'recovery' from that trip and Trevor invited me on an impromptu trip back to the great white north for a Trail riding adventure in his R-Max 1000.

This was an awesome time for Monday and Tuesday from which I am still in 'recovery' mode. Be watching for more videos from that trip to be released mixed in with my normal homesteading content.

Click the image to see the first video of the trip

My sister Trina is up visiting and staying with Mom and I feel like I have been neglecting her as between trips, and common chores I have been quite busy compared to my normal.

I had planned on transplanting my seedlings this week, but I am glad I didn't because we just hit 25°F (-3°C) the night before last (18th of May).

On the 19th I was able to help my new neighbors and play on the Branson leveling out sand piles for their soon-to-be yard. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot about my box blade in the process.

I did not record it though, as it would have tripled the time it took to accomplish the mission. I didn't feel like chasing the camera angles to get a good shot of the same repetitious action.

I do apologize to my Blog Subscribers as last week there was no blog released on Tuesday, May 9th. I had not expected to be crossing the border again so soon, but it was nice to take off with my brother on the spur of the moment.

I almost forgot to mention that when I returned home after the Conference I was notified that my channel was monetized. This opens up new worlds and services I can explore right from my channel.

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click image below

One of those worlds is memberships. Set right now at $.99 The channel members will get access to the same content as my blog subscribers. Access to the Handsteaders FB page, Members only merch, and extra content. An example of this is the double release of a members-only video of the trail riding trip on the Handsteaders page. One accessible for Youtube Channel Members, and one for Blog Subscribers. Hopefully, I will be able to find a way of combining them together at some point but for now, a little extra effort on my part will do.

So far in the ten days since monetization, I have made a whopping $18.76 US! That will pay for my Epidemic Sound subscription for a month! Anyway, getting my new Channel options set up has taken a fair amount of work, all on the computer.

Apparently, I have bad posture because my back is killing me. It doesn't help that Trevor did his best to bruise my coccyx (Tail Bone) while giving me the UTV Ride of my life! Bumpy trails and age aside, I'll keep putting out content as long as there is someone willing to read, and or watch!

Ok, my friends, Thank you for all your support, It's time for me to get back to work. Time to get all homesteady and let the chickens out and check on the Bacon seeds! Y'all have a great week and may the King of Angel Armies Keep and Bless you all!

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