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Can't Win For Losing 6/6/23

This week has been a monster already and it's only Tuesday! There are a myriad of reasons why but I'll only list a few.

It started off Great with a Sunday Morning Message that was really awesome, Mostly concerning the 144,000 male Jews who will witness during the second half of the tribulation period and how many cults misidentify them and claim to be them. Escatology is a passion of mine and I love stuff like that!

The Tomato plants that I transferred to the garden last week ( I planted fifty seeds indoors) I have like 4 left that survived the transplant, so I took my monthly personal allowance and bought tomatoes, peppers, squash, and some herbs. But I am afraid I lost my long keepers, and my Giant Crimsons that I was so excited about.

My aspiration to green thumbs has landed me solidly in the black and blue thumb arena.

The Bacon seeds don't seem to be growing that fast, and the video I did of them playing and walking around flopped wonderfully.

on Sunday I asked my wisest counselors whether I should build my pole-barn style barn and use more money than I have saved, or purchase two 12'x20' Sheds for less than half the cost. I received two different answers but both agreed I needed to do what I thought was best, though Trevor did state that I would be once again telling him he was right next winter when I had no place to work on the tractor inside.

I knew this was a probability and a downright likelihood, but Monday morning I placed my order with the Amish down the road for the sheds.

I figure I will have enough money for good fencing over a large enough area that the critters I raise won't turn it into dirt immediately. Also, I Will have enough secure housing for the animals I wish to expand with, meat birds, rabbits, turkeys, and even goats down the road. All well before the chill of fall sets in.

Monday morning around 9:30 my mom called sounding horrible. She had been coming down with bronchitis that has been going around on Sunday when I had seen her last, and it was seemingly peeking. For you and me that may be an inconvenience but at 87 years old, any respiratory problems could be devastating to mom.

The Doctor wanted her to have x-rays, and come in for an appointment, I got this message at 11:30 am and she was to be at the hospital at 12 for the x-rays. with a half an hour's drive to Mom's and a 20-minute drive to the hospital, this was not going to happen.

On the way, I told her she would have the x-rays which would be inconclusive, the Doctor would spend 10 minutes with her and prescribe an antibiotic that they could have prescribed over the phone. She didn't like this, and it was all mute anyway because I am not only going to do what Mom needs, I am going to do what she thinks she needs to make her comfortable. after all, she did it for me many times.

So on the way home from the Doctor's office, I had to point out that her son was a prophet. We had gotten the x-ray and spent about 15 minutes with the Doctor ( most of the time was finding an antibiotic that she wasn't allergic to) and they never received the x-ray from the hospital so it might as well have been inconclusive.

She said I should have been a Doctor and I reminded her how much I hated, Nay Loathed school which got us both a laugh and mom a coughing fit.

Yesterday Evening I got a call from the neighbor saying there were white flags and paint markings on my land where the town wants to put a new snow plow turnaround across from his driveway which is fifty feet from the old turnaround.

Last year the Highway department asked if I would consider talking about letting them put a turnaround in that spot, and I told her I would talk about it. Then Talking to Alex and Misty we decided there is no reason for the short move and we would rather have them put the money into re-doing the existing turnaround. I moved to a seasonal road for a reason.

I have a call to the superintendent with no word back as of yet. I had planned on explaining our position to her when we talked, and am slightly concerned that they seem to be moving forward without the parlay I agreed to. This is the same town that used drones to search our properties to assess taxes. To me, that is a Fourth Amendment violation for them to search my property with no permission or warrant.

In the end, my goal is to be left alone. Guess that ain't gonna happen. Pray I make sound decisions and choices going forward.

Well, I have to go, It's time for morning chores. Please pray for those affected by the Canadian wildfires, as the haze that has set upon Northern NY is reportedly from the smoke. Specifically Mike and Angie from Mianu Acres as they are very close to the fires right now.

Ok, Y'all have a great day, and God Bless!

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Just the idea of spending $17,000 on a pole barn disgusts me. It's not your fault, it's just that this is so much money for such a simple structure and I am already stuck in my ways with old dollar values locked into my mind. I say... have the local government who want that turnaround trade their labor for temp access, strictly leased for 10 years at a time... and they can supply wood that you can use to have your pole barn built. That which is fair, is fair.

Aug 08, 2023
Replying to

That's a good idea!

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