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A Busy Homestead is a Happy Homestead 7/18/23

It has been a busy couple of weeks on the homestead. It hasn't been the same old gardening and animal work either!

If you will recall, My June 27th Blog from this year was about the huge issue of my dug well going dry. Water is a necessity for life, and water on the Homestead is vital in so many areas.

Though I was prepared for a short-term water shortage with my summer six-hundred-gallon reservoir totes and my nine-hundred-gallon rainwater catchment system, I Have to say this was a ruffle in my otherwise pristine (in my opinion) feathers.

Had it been winter when I have only the hundred and ten-gallon storage in the pantry (as the totes outside would freeze) and no rainwater catchment for the same reason, I would have had to transport water from off the homestead.

Let's not get into the fact that I do not have a truck at the moment...

I have a couple of videos on the process so far and am happy to say that I have plenty of clean COLD water at my disposal. All I have to do is put the new hardware in place when it comes in and Bob's your uncle! Actually, Frank's dad was my Uncle Bob!

While Frank was on site I rented a dump trailer after coordinating with Trevor for his truck and time, To get wood chips, sawdust, and possibly some old horse manure.

We got Trevor's Wife's car to the garage to be diagnosed for transmission problems, picked up the trailer, and had it loaded with mulch for free at the Booneville Transfer Station. This is where they collect the wood chips for the community to take as they need.

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