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That Week Went Fast! 6/20/23

It feels like only yesterday I posted last Tuesday's blog post! Time seems to slip away faster and faster even though it is inherently moving at the same speed. I am not sure if it is age that changes our perspective or if it is the same for everyone.

I know time flies by when I fall into the rabbit hole of YouTube Shorts. It is amazing how much of your life they can suck away in one sitting even though each one is under a minute long.

The main event of the last seven days was Saturday when Trevor called me and asked if I wanted to go get some lunch somewhere. This usually entails eating and window shopping at various stores of interest like Runnings, Lowes, TSC, and Walmart. The only thing we really buy is supposed to be the food.

Some Back Story: Since I decided to go with the two sheds instead of the one large expensive barn, I have been musing in my head about how to prioritize the remaining Cash. The Homestead itself has needs, and we all know I have wants galore!

One of the things tossing around in the empty space behind my eyes is a mower, either for the Branson 2515h or a rider. It takes me the better part of a morning to push mow the front lawn and I find I do not like to mow the lawn that circles the garden around between the house.

The Homestead's New Lawnmower

Don't get me wrong, Fat Man can use the exercise, but The older I get the more it takes out of me. This along with the fact that hitting many unseen rocks with the Honda 22-inch push mower has damaged the part on the end of the shaft that holds the blade from rotating on its own.

Trevor and I were talking about these facts as we drove from the homestead to Rome. The common price for a riding mower is a baseline of $2,800. for the most part and finish mowers for the Branson are equally expensive. As we walked through Runnings which for the unfamiliar is Cabela's, TSC, Lowe's and so many other homesteading, outdoorsy type stores combined, we saw a riding mower with a bagger for $1,900. The bagger was $450. Extra. This to me looked like a great deal.

So Trevor and I wandered the store looking at all the things we love as I fought a battle inside my brain. "I am getting older." "I need the exercise of the pusher." "I can spend the money elsewhere or save it."

Trevor was as much help as I was when he bought his first side-by-side at the woodsman's field days. Seeming to enjoy my internal conflict.

"If you need it, get it." was his astute advice. "My truck is here if you do decide to get it."

So after about 15 minutes of this. Going back and forth to look at it I asked one of the employees if they had a way to load it if I purchased it. They said yes, and began preparations to do so.

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Taking this as a sign, Trevor and the employee took the mower out while I went and paid for this new machine.

Once we returned to the homestead after visiting more stores, It had been raining but Trevor had me try it out. The bagger plugged due to the wet grass, but once removed, what had previously taken a morning of sweat and back pain, was done within an hour-ish.

These are the clippings from just the back of my yard

Sunday morning sitting in church Trevor leaned over and asked me if I had buyer's remorse yet.

The answer is a resounding "NO". As King David did while awaiting God's judgment on the child he fathered out of wedlock with Bathsheeba, I agonize over a decision, scrutinizing it to the nth degree. But once the decision is made I am at peace. What's done is done.

I think it is a part of trusting yourself or trying to That even if it was a wrong choice, move ahead, deal with the consequences, and fix what you can, but don't waste your time fretting about it.

Life is too short, Time is too fleeting to spend your time and energy on past choices that you can do nothing about. Agonize your decisions before you make them, weigh the pros and cons, and wrestle with yourself. But once you have made the best choice you can with the information at hand, relax.

God blessed me with a tool that will cut work by half, and aid my composting efforts greatly! As I get older and less capable, I will look at this as a great decision I am sure.

For now, I can only patiently wait the next mowing knowing that it is indeed approaching faster than I would think.

Thanks for reading, Y'all have a great day, and God Bless.

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