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Sunny Morning Thoughts 2/28/23

I look outside and see that beautiful bright yellow ball in the sky surrounded by blue skies as far as the eye can see and man, It does my soul good!

Without the clouds to "hold in the heat" it's a cool 27°F / -2.7°C. But I expect the sun will warm up the ground and continue slowly melting the snow.

The sun's direct rays have yet to hit the Solar Panels as it's only 8:22 in the morning. I have a suspicion that there are several people who think I sleep till noon but I don't.

I will confess that Though my alarm goes off at 6:30 am, I usually snooze it until almost 7 am. This is due to looking out the window and seeing it still dark enough outside to warrant using lights inside. I reason to myself ( more like justify) that I need to conserve electricity in the winter.

Good or bad, as the days grow longer and the sun rises earlier every day it will soon be impossible to make that justification work even for me.

I get out of bed, throw on some sweatpants, open the draft on the fire to heat up the remaining coals, and take care of personal hygiene. Start the computer and drink a bottle of water.

I have been doing intermediate fasting where I can only eat between 9 am and 3 pm, sometimes 5 pm. But I have to admit I cheat myself on it way too much. That is probably the reason my weight has ceased to fall. I must do better.

So as I type this blog post I am drinking water and waiting for the alarm to tell me I can have my coffee. In the summer as I wake up earlier this will turn into a morning walk from one snowplow turn around to the other, Just short of 2 miles I believe.

After starting the computer, I go outside most days and bring in some wood to revive the now-hot coals in the stove and sit down to check my email, obsess over Youtube Analytics, and check the various money-making endeavors I have online. This morning there was no action.

This time also includes my quiet time, where I read and ponder a bible verse, and discuss it with the Lord. It is amazing how this can set your day on the right course.

Now it is time to work on my next content whether it is a blog post like today or editing a video. I try not to film before my morning coffee, but I have found that doing so produces subpar content.

Usually, in the winter, I will start the teapot on the stove shortly before 9 am, and while it is heating up I get the cats their breakfast of a teaspoon each of canned cat food. They have food always available, but somehow we started this ritual before Wendy passed and I have yet to break from it.

I have switched to mostly instant coffee in the winter as it saves on the batteries, sun is a commodity this time of year and not to be taken for granted. Occasionally, when a sunny day is evident I will use the Keurig coffee maker to make my caramel-nut mix coffee. Oh, such a treat! LOL.

I usually drink my coffee as I continue to edit, or type. Speaking of coffee, it's 8:54 am! I'll be right back!

That is soo good! The low-in-the-sky sun is now hitting the solar panels for 365W and 22 Amps of power. Not bad, I'll take it.

Where was I?

I have been trying to shoot more content for the Handsteaders level and Handsteaders + level of subscription. And for the first time, this excursion is feeling like work. nothing big, just deadlines and such. but I am enjoying it so far.

It will be interesting to see how I feel this spring when planting time hits. I guess I need to learn how to make better use of my time.

It blows me away that there are over 800 people (growing daily on the Youtube channel) interested in my life, and how I do things! I love my life, and the encouragement that I receive from the feedback is overwhelming.

Looking out my window I can see a patch of bare ground around last year's kale patch. I can't wait to see what this year's adventure is going to bring!

Alright, Handsteaders, Time for me to move on to something else. Let me know what you are doing to improve your homestead, or prepping situation in the comments below.

Y'all have a great day, and God bless!

Contact me to order your Members only merch, and join the Handsteaders FB page.

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Have a great day Tracy, and God bless!

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