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H2 OOOOOHHHHH! 6/27/23

God has a sense of humor. I am proof. No ands ifs or buts.

For the uninitiated, my water system was designed to keep me moving while providing me with clean water. Well, it keeps me moving anyway.

I pump from a 16-foot dug well that draws from a bed of washed stone that goes down to about 20 feet. This has created access to about 75 gallons of water when the water is 2 feet up in the well casing which is a composite culvert pipe.

From there I can fill 2 - 55 gallon barrels in the pantry in the winter or 2 - 300 gallon totes in the summer outside the back of the house.

This keeps me moving and connected to the state of the homestead as well as forces me to be moving. Remember I am lazy at heart.

I was filling one of the 300 Gallon totes the other day, and the well went dry. Again. It is fed by a few seeps at 5 - 6 feet so it is surface water and causes me to fight with coliform regularly.

I have had a request in with my cousin who owns and operates a well drilling business since we purchased the homestead land. To his credit, he was hoping to be able to drill my well in the winter when the rig wasn't needed and let me drill it myself. I drilled wells for him for several years in the early 2000s so it would only take a short refresher on running the machine.

The fact that I have had water from my dug well has let him prioritize families with no water ahead of me which is totally understandable.

So When I called him he agreed to come drill me a well next. I can't wait to finally be able to drink the water from my faucets!! It may also save some of my plumbing fixtures if the water proves to be not or less hard than the surface water I have now.


I will also save money on filters for my filter system that is required for the present well.

Though My cousin is giving me a wonderful family discount, This will set back a couple of my goals for the homestead. My Chickens will be free ranged for a little longer.

I was hoping to run enough fencing to contain them and possibly some goats without them turning it into dirt in a few short weeks. That won't happen as soon as I had hoped. No biggy.

My advice to anyone looking to buy homestead land would be to ensure you have plenty of water! Streams, ponds, and springs are great, however the former two offer mostly surface water which leads to contamination concerns.

My new LIPO4 batteries make an automatic system possible, as the well pump will work on a pressure switch rather than a manual switch I use now.

Keep an eye on my Youtube Channel ( )for this new adventure of creating an automatic well water system fit in my off-grid cabin.

Remember if you have subscribed to this blog, handsteader or higher let me know your Facebook handle so I can send you an invite to the Handsteader's members-Only FaceBook page where you will find most of the extra content I have available.

You can also gain access to the extra content by joining my Youtube channel membership for as low as $.99/month. I am looking to combine the two as it would be so much easier for me in the future to give everyone the same access.

Let me know how you think I should go about this in the comments.

So until next Tuesday, Y'all have a great day and God Bless!

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